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What is it?

How about an Everything Conway in One App! The Conway app was launched June 29, 2018 (we just turned 1) and we have over 13,000 Conway Locals that have downloaded it. Our Conway App is accessed nearly 200 times per day and has over 250 new downloads each week.

Where is it?

Currently the app can be loaded here Conway App we are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.  We are super excited to announce that we are weeks away from being featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Don't waste your Money!  Where do you spend your marketing dollars?  That's the tough question in business today.  


Our Conway App aka We Are Conway was created by local small business owners FOR local business owners.  Our vision was to utilize and leverage our 27 years of success in the marketing and print space and create a vehicle that would work for all small business owners alike.   The Result WE ARE CONWAY mobile app

How do we promote?

How do the big box stores do it?  They do it ALL!  Why Because it ALL Works!  But we (small business owners) can't afford it all.  You're right we typically can't however we can when we do it together (Co-operatively)  Our App partners enjoy us promoting them on the app, on social media, on direct mail, on TV and other traditional forms of advertising.  

Exclusive Offers & Local Rewards

The winners in business today understand this fundamental concept.  Get New Customers and Keep Them Coming Back!  Creating a reward system and strategy is time consuming and expensive.  We already have it for you.  We know our app users and what they want to experience.  We listen to them and keep evolving the Conway App to make it better and more effective daily,  by engineering a rewards program that is used.  We turn new customers to long lasting supporters and advocates for your business!

We Help You Get More Sales

Business is simple, Right?...LOL.

Get More New Sales & Keep them Coming Back.

For Over 28 Years I've explored countless methods & Strategies on how to do this effectively and efficiently.  What if.....I told you I've figured it out!

I believe in performance based relationships.  If our strategy doesn't  get you new customers and help you keep them....Well to be honest.....We don't deserve your business.  That right NO CONTRACTS.  It's Risk Free!

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Customer Loyalty & Rewards Program

Access all of your favorite local businesses Rewards Program

Over 13,000 locals have downloaded our We are Conway App.  Why?  To support the local businesses.  One mobile app that is home for all their local rewards programs.  Over 32% of the Conway app users visit the local rewards section.  

One local restaurant had 60 local rewards participation in 1 month.  It's just smart business.  Your clients realize you appreciate them.  Best of all we custom build your loyalty program and promote it for you to the 13,000 plus app users.   No Commitment • No Contracts • click here Get your FREE Engineered Loyalty Program  FREE Bonus - 14 page report on Customer Loyalty after the sale.


Click the photos to read about what our local market is asking for!

Seen Enough?  Are you Ready to Get More Sales for your business?  RISK FREE. NO Contracts!   Our We Are Conway App was built by local business owners for local business owners and the local market consumers.

Grow Our Businesses Together

13,000 plus Conway Locals



What could tell 13,000 people your new offerings, seasonal specials or a reminder that you're open.  Remember if customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  WAF let's your customers find it!

Announce Your Upcoming Events


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.  We have an events feature to remind everyone who, what, where and when your event is.

Our fans are Family


The results speak for themselves.  We are family Conway has an audience of engaged followers.  We like to call them our Facebook Family.  They watch our videos about your business. They comment on our posts about your business. And best of all our FB Family shares information about your business.

Reward your customers


The big box stores all do it.  Why? Because it works.  Loyalty and Reward programs work.  We assist you in setting up a GREAT Loyalty Reward Program for your repeat customers.  They feel special, like they are getting "family deals" 

It's 7 times less expensive to keep customers than acquire new customers.

The Community WANTS to buy local


96% of consumers who reported shopping on Small Business Saturday said the day makes them want to Shop Small all year long, not just during the holiday season. Great stats for biz owners, check out about shop small here

No Contracts


Our philosophy is simple.  We don't believe in Contracts.  Why?  I've been in your shoes owning a small business for over 27 years.  I hate signing those things and then I'm stuck.  And.....I have that much confidence in our team.  If we don't perform, we don't deserve your marketing budget.

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