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Why download We Are Conway?  To get local discounts, earn rewards from your favorite local businesses, Get GREAT Deals. Stay in the know of Conway Events.

How to download the We Are Family Conway SC webapp on an Iphone.  Super Simple.  Scan the QR code or in your web browser type  or go to your app store either apple or google and search "We Are Conway"

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How to get the app!

As of 7/15/2019 the Great News is Apple and Google have approved the app to be listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  However it's not live on the app stores yet!  We are going through the onboarding process for both platforms.  We are live and you can get the app here for either device 

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OR Scan the code to the left.

Iphone is easy just open your camera and hold it over the QR code. You don't even have to snap a pic.  The top of the screen will ask you to launch the safari app and download process begins   see the video above.

Android Users either use a QR Code Scanning app or go click.

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Great Deals, Local Discounts, Earn Rewards

The WAF web app is in the process of being approved by Apple and Google Play Store as of 6/20/2019 Apple approved us as a Apple App Developer.  We will keep you updated.   The Great News is WAF mobile web app currently works on all mobile devices.

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